Successful communication is primarily a matter of attitude

Seventy percent of PR success comes from volition and a positive attitude about opening up inwardly and outwardly; thirty percent consists of know-how and plain hard work. Studies from the USA already show that top managers often invest more than fifty percent of their time in PR activities. The public scrutinises a company or institution rigorously, paying attention to its dealings with all stakeholders as with the authorities, its employees, and its suppliers—even the environment. At the end of the day, whoever uses PR to gloss over irresponsible behaviour, distract from poor production quality, sweep a heavy environmental footprint under the rug or as a replacement for advertising, will reap the opposite: loss of image, loss of trust, and economic failure. Successful communication is based on conviction, openness, honesty, continuity, professionalism, objectivity, fairness and authenticity.