CHANGE Communications

Companies and institutions must deal with countless factors every day which are neither foreseeable or controllable. So a professional and targeted approach to change is often a particular challenge. What exists loses its relevance, structures are brought into question, and the search for new points of orientation begins. In no phase of economic and political life is communication as important, as difficult, and as sensible as in the phase of change. Change communications is the Champions League of communication consultancy, which enable companies to successfully carry out mergers, joint ventures or changes in management. As an external advisor, we will be your sparring partner in change management, coordinate the communication departments of those involved, and act as a communications director, internally and towards the outside.

Five Topics in Using Change Communications

  • Eighty percent of the reasons a deal falls through are emotional
  • During a merger, there is mutual distrust
  • No one likes change
  • There is enormous potential in change
  • Communication is the most important instrument for management