CRISIS Communications

Crises have many causes: Natural catastrophes and accidents usually happen unpredictably and are not anyone’s fault. Criminality, strikes, product recalls or attacks from hackers are often caused by a lack of preventive measures, if not sheer misconduct. Sometimes, awkward statements or dispersed half-truths are enough to cause a crisis and get the company in hot water. In this case, crises can quickly bring about massive damage for a single person, the management, or an entire company. And poor crisis management or false crisis communication can not only damage one’s reputation but destroy it permanently. Therefore, acute situations in particular call for experienced crisis communication professionals who know what to do and what to say. In the times of 24-7 communication channels, especially social media, time has become a central factor. We are available round the clock to companies in crisis as a sparring partner, and if needed for the short term, as a spokesperson.

Five Topics in Using Crisis Communications

  • Nothing is worse than facing a disaster unprepared
  • The PR crisis plan is a necessary safety anchor
  • In a catastrophe which affects the whole country, it’s not enough to “take the necessary steps”
  • No two crises or catastrophes are the same—but the media response is
  • Professional crisis PR is only the second-best solution