FINANCIAL Communications

Effective communication in the financial market and the financial community is especially based on the credibility of corporate management. For in the end, the complexity of institutions as an interplay of markets, products, strategies and measures is revealed only through reliable and credible statements, and cannot be fully derived from balance sheets, profit-and-loss accounts or cash flow analyses. Only those who have a clear profile and high reputation can ensure the trust of their financial backers. We supervise companies in public offerings and capital increases and support them in consistently maintaining relations with crucial dialogue groups.

Five Topics in Using Financial Communications

  • A benefit strategy for all participants always leads to success
  • M&A: Stakeholders are ambassadors
  • Relations are crucial, including in the financial world! IR + PR = Power Couple IR + PR = Power Couple
  • Deal-making 4.0: Network, expertise, focus and professionalism
  • Reports are boring, stories are exciting