Professional communicators are bridge builders

When a company opens up, they must accept in their own organisation judgements made from the outside. Internally, PR has the task of creating the awareness of problems and responsibility toward the public, and to support a culture of dealing actively with the public’s challenges and expectations. This does not mean that they must fulfil all of society’s expectations, but a readiness for dialogue presupposes the acknowledgement of divergent opinions and points of view. Therefore, internal PR work is an essential foundation for outside effectiveness, and PR leaders must have patience, perseverance and tact. An organisation’s relationships to its environment requires them to maintain stable and reliable contacts and to build trust. Whoever wishes to act successfully in public must be recognised and accepted—especially if the highest discretion must be kept. ROSAM.GRÜNBERGER | Change Communications acts both as a sparring partner for corporate heads of communication and as a “single point of contact” for the media or citizens.